Dan & Robin's Wedding - Photo Upload Instructions

Thank you for being a part of our special day, and for choosing to share your photos with us, and with the rest of our guests!  We've setup an account on smugmug.com (a photo sharing site) with a common login and password so everyone can upload their photos.  Below are the instructions to upload your photos from our wedding, or view those uploaded by others.  Remember, only upload photos you don't mind sharing with everyone else :)
To Browse:
  1. Browse to our smugmug gallery here
  2. Choose the gallery you wish to browse (we have different ones for different guests)
  3. Enjoy the photos!
To Upload:
  1. Browse to our smugmug gallery here
  2. Click on the Gallery with our Wedding Photos
  3. Click the login link 
  4. Enter the shared username/password below (case sensitive)
    1. Username: Wedding_Photos@sharescan.net
    2. Password: danrobin
  5. Once logged in, click the Add Photos button, then "Create New Gallery".
  6. Enter a name for your gallery (Something like "Dan & Robin's Wedding Photos - your name")
  7. Under Category, choose Wedding, then click Create Gallery.
  8. You should be presented with several upload options. 
    1. Simple: Requires an install, but is a much easier way to upload. 
    2. Olde Faithful: Good if you only have a few photos to upload.  It's a bit slower to use, but works well.
  9. That's it!  Thanks for contributing to our wedding photo collection.
-Dan & Robin